The Beauty Aisle Vs The Ethnic Aisle 

Do you notice that when you go into certain stores to buy hair care products, the aisles are separated by the “beauty ailse” and the “ethnic ailse”? Why is that? Is my hair not considered to be beautiful? I believe that this is an overlooked form of segregation that needs to be addressed. Society is telling us, our sons and daughters that because you have kinkier hair or curlier hair, you have to shop in the ethnic aisle not the beauty aisle because your hair is not considered to be beautiful.  I loved what she’s moisture did last year with the “break the walls” campaign. They decided to put this issue out there for the world to see. Do you think it made a difference or bring awareness to the issue? I would love to see the day when I can go pick up my hair products from the “beauty” aisle.

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Just a girl who wants to change the world

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