Summer hairstyles 

Summer is quickly apporoaching us. You may think to yourself “what am I going to do to my hair?”. Well there’s plenty you can do to your hair. When I decided to stop adding heat to my hair, I had no idea what I was going to do to my hair during the summer months. I was afraid of frizziness and my hair sweating out. I asked around and some people suggest putting your hair up in a bun or other “updo” hairstyles. Twists or braids are also good protective hairstyles. Last year I decided to experiment with different styles. I tried doing wash n go’s, which was awesome for a quick on the go style(naturalistas by quick and on the go that means 45 minutes lol). I also did rod sets. My favorite style was the perm rod set. This style always lasted me 2 weeks before I had to redo it. As the days went on and the humidity grew, my curls turned to coils. I loved it! With this style I was able to pin it up, pin it to the side and wear it out when I wanted to. This was my favorite go to hairstyle last summer! The trick to making sure your perm rod set looks good is to make sure it’s completely dried before unraveling.
What’s your favorite summer hairstyles??

Perm rod set after the unravel
1 week later with the humidity
The curl transformation
The half updo!

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