My hair is not your hair!

I remember wanting my hair to be big and curly like one of my friends. When I finally stopped adding heat on my hair, I knew for sure that in 6 months my hair would be really big and curly like hers. Uh, no! That didn’t happen. I then started my Instagram for natural hair and I saw all of these beautiful ladies with long and big beautiful curls but when I looked in the mirror I didn’t see that with my hair. I started to feel discouraged. Why is my hair not growing! I would think that to myself very often. I would watch different YouTube tutorials and try different styles but my hair never came out like the girls I would see online. How did they get their hair so big? how did their hair grow so long? What is wrong with my hair? I wash it and condition it regularly! I thought. Would could I be doing wrong? I had to realize that my hair was different then theirs. What worked for her did not work for me. I had to give my hair time. I had to stop comparing my hair to other people’s hair. This was my personal hair growth journey. I had to learn to embrace my hair for what it was. Sometimes it’s hard for us especially in a society that tells us that the longer your hair is, the better you look. It’s been 1 year and 3 months since I stopped adding heat and I can honestly say that my hair has grown so much! My hair is so healthy. It’s not always about length. It’s about health. With time and patience, the length will come.  My suggestion to those that feel this way is to take pictures on your hair journey. You will see that your hair is growing. It may not grow in the speed that you want it to be but it is growing. Don’t compare your hair to others!

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