Have you ever been in a situationship? There are many definitions of this term. The one i like The best is “It’s not exactly a relationship, just a situation you’re stuck in, where you’re both unhappy but you’re trying to find some way to make it work” -urban dictionary. I’m sure most of us have been here once before. I was in a “situationship” for … Continue reading Situationships

The Beauty Aisle Vs The Ethnic Aisle 

Do you notice that when you go into certain stores to buy hair care products, the aisles are separated by the “beauty ailse” and the “ethnic ailse”? Why is that? Is my hair not considered to be beautiful? I believe that this is an overlooked form of segregation that needs to be addressed. Society is telling us, our sons and daughters that because you have … Continue reading The Beauty Aisle Vs The Ethnic Aisle 

Shampoo Vs Co-Wash

The debate over shampoo vs co-wash(conditioner only washing) is very common amongst the natural hair community. While I believe there are benefits to using both, there are many reasons to take in to consideration when using both shampoos and co-washes. What is shampoo? Traditionally, Shampoo is generally made up of surfactant, sodium lauryl sulfate  or sodium laureth sulfate. The goal for shampoo is to remove … Continue reading Shampoo Vs Co-Wash